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Mark Matejik

Ordained Minister, Coach, Speaker, Global Leadership Trainer, and Healing Evangelist

Mark has spent much of his notable career as a top sales executive and trainer nationwide with outstanding results. As a personal coach, catalyst, and consultant to businesses, nonprofits, and chief executives, Mark teaches others how to think and live like a super-high achiever.

Helen Matejik

Global Elevation Faith Specialist

Helen helps Christian women live elevated, emboldened, edified, and energized lives to discover and activate their unique God-given purpose and pursue their dreams.

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Born For Kingdom Greatness:

5 Ancient Secrets to Elevate Your Life

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Elevation Mindset Specialists help emerging leaders like you to overcome and win big so they can discover and activate their God-given purpose and pursue their dreams.Ignoring a problem never makes it go away… it only makes things worse, and ultimately harder to solve. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to jumpstart your life!
The difference between staying where you are indefinitely, and moving forward to realize your potential, is all about taking action.

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In life there are always going to be ups and downs. What if you could learn how to make the up times last—and minimize or eliminate the down times? Elevation Mindset Specialists provide training solutions that do just that.

We can help you achieve greater success, faster, and with fewer setbacks. Don’t take our word for it… we’ll prove it to you!

We have the proven resources to transform your life. From on-site workshops to online courses, coaching, consulting and more, we create change from the inside out. We offer a wide array of development and training programs built on timeless principles that get results.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Life & Business


What did Michael Jordan, Princess Diana, Michael Hyatt and Oprah Winfrey all have in common? They all used coaches.

Even at the peak of their careers, great leaders continue to use coaches to help them achieve more. If you are ready to take action and create the outcomes you want, we offer coaching programs to assist you in the process. Improve your performance and your results!
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Want thorough training to help you master your trade, but can’t imagine it fitting into your busy schedule?

Elevation Mindset Specialists offer high quality online video training that you can watch on your own time. So you can learn on your own time – and grow on your own time. We pour passion, knowledge, and practical pointers into all of our videos. Which means the trainings won’t just engage you; they’ll also change you.


When you want your event to be a success, you need to be able to rely on your speaker to deliver a message that will inspire, entertain and create positive change.

You want more than temporary motivation… you want to create permanent transformation! After all, it’s your responsibility to make the event memorable, and you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Elevation Mindset Specialists deliver skill-building content and cutting-edge insights that will educate and energize your audience.


Rita Carll

Peabody, MA

I thank God for Coach Helen! I was struggling with uncertainty concerning vision, purpose, and direction. Coach Helen helped me to recognize what God was already speaking to me and opened me up to ideas and resources for accomplishing these things.

Today I am more confident, focused, and equipped going forward. If you are struggling with uncertainty or need a push to go forward, Coach Helen is perfect! She doesn’t think for you but have you fully engaged in the process.

Thanks, Coach Helen!"

Deborah Michel


"I began working with Helen in May of 2022. During an “Elevation Empowerment Session” to determine where I was spiritually, Helen shared her desire to help women rediscover their true spiritual identity and begin operating in it. I told her “sign me up” as one of her first clients! At that time, I was struggling with feelings of having lost ground in my spiritual walk — not necessarily my relationship with the Lord; but how I operated personally in that relationship. Since the loss of my husband in 2009; it seemed that I had left behind some of the rich and intimate walk I had experienced with Jesus in the past. My spiritual life was more on automatic pilot, and I wanted to regain what I had “lost.”

Helen helped me work through some of the lies that I was believing and replace them with God’s truth.
She helped me reclaim some of the disciplines and practices that had been a normal, everyday behavior for me in the past. She took me through a process to remove some residual trauma I experienced after my husband's death and other things that had occurred since then.

With Helen’s help, I’ve embraced the more mystical side of my relationship with the Lord again. Now I am not afraid to hope that the “more” of God I’ve always desired is within my reach because it is His desire. I feel revived — like I’ve come out of a long coma!

If you are struggling with feeling "stuck,” discouraged, or even bored with your spiritual walk; I highly recommend working with Helen. She depends highly on Holy Spirit’s guidance and counsel; as a result, He uses her to bring enlightenment and wisdom. I am looking forward to continuing my coaching experience with Coach Helen!"

Jason Hutapea

Coach Mark has made me view the world differently! Allow me to explain. Before working with him, I didn't have a lot of professional direction and development. I felt stuck and like I didn't have the needed advice and opinions of someone who had been through the same things.

Coach Mark helped me work through a turbulent time in my life with being let go from a job that I thought I was going to do forever and helped me find meaning in why things happen as they do. His coaching techniques and faith principles helped me develop a better business and personal mindset.

Today, I own my own successful business where I help out real estate professionals, lawyers, etc., with their social media content. I am grateful for Coach Mark; his coaching has helped me with the daily challenges I face in business and life.

If you face self-doubt issues or are going through a turbulent time in your life where you need someone to help you point your ship in the right direction,

I highly recommend Coach Mark!


Donna Brown


"Before working with Coach Helen, I was depressed and didn’t know what my purpose in life was. I battled a lot of anxiety and was fearful about many things. Fear of failure kept me from starting anything new although I desperately wanted to do something different with my life. I had never had a coach before and wasn’t sure a coach could help me because I was so hopeless and in deep despair that anything could change my life. I signed up with Coach Helen and went through her 90-Day Program and it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself! It transformed my life! I went from having little or no confidence in myself to feeling like I could accomplish anything! I learned to overcome past failures and negative thinking about myself. My self-worth increased exponentially, and she awakened dormant dreams, things I really wanted to do but never knew I could or would do them.

I was very sad when the 90 days ended. I've learned and grown so much from her and her program! I am stronger and able to overcome the challenges in my life rather than be beaten down by them. I have a new sense of peace and happiness and am no longer hopeless but hopeful as I move forward with a new sense of purpose!

If you need to change your life, Coach Helen is your answer! Her love for God, knowledge, and wisdom will lead you out of a place of darkness into the light. Her coaching will transform your life! I enjoyed working with Coach Helen so much that I plan to sign up for part two of her program."

Glenda Trip


Before working with Coach Helen, I struggled with fear and doubt and letting my emotions get the best of me. I battled negative thoughts and didn’t know my true identity or purpose. I needed a “faith make-over.” I deeply desired a fresh spiritual outpouring and a deeper connection with Jesus.

She helped me overcome negative emotions, fear, and doubt and assisted me in becoming more grounded in the Word of God. She walked beside me and helped me to allow God into my brokenness. I experienced freedom and healing in my relationships as she guided me through inner healing and deliverance.

Today, I am walking in greater peace and wholeness. Also, I continue to follow and apply the tools Coach Helen has given me. I have gained a deeper intimacy with Jesus.

If you feel lost, overwhelmed, and fearful, or you need to discover your true identity and desire to discover and walk in your unique God-given purpose, I highly recommend working with Coach Helen!

Avoid Burning Out By Finding the Right Work / Life Balance

Avoid Burning Out By Finding the Right Work / Life Balance

November 08, 20237 min read

I am sure you have heard the saying, ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup.’ This is why you need to learn to take care of yourself. Keeping yourself motivated is an inside job. You might do an excellent job at creating the right environment and getting the requisite resources to succeed, but if you are not taking care of yourself, you will not be able to stay motivated for very long. It is hard to keep pushing yourself to do more when your body is already falling apart under the pressure. 

Achieving success at the expense of your health is not a very wise idea. It is equally unwise to neglect your family and friends in the process. While it is true that sacrifices will need to be made, your health and relationships should not be one of them. In short, it will be much easier to motivate a healthy mind and body. 

Pay careful attention to these 5 areas that are often neglected in the pursuit of success: 


How, when and what we eat, has a huge bearing on how well our bodies will perform under pressure. It is easy to begin to neglect your diet when you are focusing all your time, energy and resources on becoming successful. Purchasing cheap junk food might be convenient now, but you are not looking ahead to the disaster coming your way. A large percentage of the illnesses we face are in fact nutritional disorders that could have been prevented if we paid more attention to our diets. 

Nutritious food helps our bodies to grow, gives us energy and helps our bodies to repair themselves. In order for our bodies to functional optimally and not burn out, we will need to consume the recommended amount of each nutrient. But there is no need to become jittery about your diet and make any rash decisions. Here are a few suggestions to make eating well a lot easier. 

  • Avoid foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar 

  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid overly processed foods 

  • Read food labels before you consume the item 

  • Include food from each food group in each of your meals 

  • Drink more water and less carbonated beverages 

  • Don’t skip meals 

  • Replace your snacks with healthy options like fresh fruits and nuts 

  • Never try to replace meals with dietary supplements 



The average human being needs about 7 – 9 hours of rest each day. Getting sufficient sleep is one of the most essential aspects of finding the right work / life balance. Unfortunately, with the demands of earning a living, caring for your family and pushing yourself to meet your goals, sacrificing sleep might seem like the only logical solution to getting everything done. In fact, some people even reason that sleepless nights are synonymous with success. 

Once again, sacrifices will need to be made to reach your goals, but sleep should not be one of them. Not getting enough sleep will mean that your body will not get enough time to repair and charge itself up. We are basically like dead batteries when we do not get enough sleep. This means that our minds will not be able to work optimally if we are sleep deprived. A lack of sleep has even been linked to depression. How can you motivate a mind that drained? Get enough rest and your mind will be ready to conceive your success. 


There are very few people in this world that enjoy exercise. Thankfully, that number is steadily increasing as more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of doing so. Constantly feeling fatigued and achy is a sign that you may need to get more exercise. One of the main reasons why people dread exercise is they fear it might be too hard. They assume that they have to start with the difficult things and it will just gradually get worse. 

That is really not how it works, nor is it what is recommended. If you are new to working out, you will need to start small at first and gradually work your way up so to speak.You may even hurt yourself by pushing to do too much, too soon. It is also best to vary your workout. Monotony will only make this task a lot harder than it has to be. Find what works for you and engage your mind by mixing up your routine. You would be surprised how much good just exercising for a few minutes each day will do. 

In fact, here are a few benefits of getting sufficient exercise: 

  • Regular exercise helps to strengthen your bones 

  • People who exercise often sleep better at nights 

  • The condition of your skin will improve as you sweat and excrete waste from your pores 

  • You will be better able to manage your weight 

  • Exercise also reduces the risk of suffering from certain ailments like diabetes and heart disease 

  • You often feel better after you exercise because working out releases the hormones that will improve your mood 

  • Regular exercise can reduce stress


Your family is your strength. The stronger the relationships in your family unit, the happier you will be. When you lovingly make time for your family despite your endeavors to be great, they will in turn lovingly support your hopes and dreams. You cannot surround yourself with the right people if you keep pushing away the only group of people who are determined to watch you succeed. Making time for the ones you love should always be a priority. This is especially so if children are involved. A child will not understand that you are busy now because you are trying to build a better future for them. 

They only think about the here and now. And the fact that right now you are not here for them can have serious implications on the kind of person they will become. Money cannot buy you happiness and all the successful accolades in the world will not make your children love you anymore. Motivation can soon turn into selfishness if you do not take the time to care for the ones who are entitled to your time. Plus, when you have the loving support of your family, you will have the kind of support you need to push yourself to achieving your goals. 


“People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.”- John Wanamaker Believe it or not, recreation plays a very important role in your success. While it is true that goofing off when you should be working on achieving your goals is a bad idea, recreation can be quite beneficial. Taking the time to have a laugh, smell a rose or even let your hair down may be just what you need to keep motivated. 

A life without recreation will not be very enjoyable. And a miserable, depressed mind is one that cannot focus on achieving anything. If you push yourself too hard and do not take some time to enjoy life you will burn out quite easily. Take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor with the ones you love. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how these simple ways to practice better self-care can make a huge difference in your life. 

How happy will you be when you achieve your goals when you have lost your health and loved ones in the progress? Many of the greatest minds have made that mistake and have publicly declared how much they regret that choice. Being motivated to achieve your goals should not come at such a high personal cost to you. How could you ever enjoy the fruits of your labour under those conditions? Remember, personal success is not just about achieving your goals, it also involves being happy with the result as well.

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